Top Gun

Top Gun - J. C. SmithTop Gun has taken on an identity of its own.  It did not begin as the most celebrated command of one’s Naval Career, but it did work its way to the top.   And then it was named THE NAVY FIGHTER WEAPON’S SCHOOL – TOP GUN.

Top Gun began as an idea in the minds of the men who were flying the early sorties during the Vietnam war.   J.C. Smith was responsible for the first mig kills of the war, therefore it seem to fall to him to share his success with those going after him.

He and four others formed and built the school.   That was only one chapter in the book JOURNEY TO COMMAND, because it was truly only one chapter in the now famous career of Capt. J.C. Smith.  However, I must admit, it has become a claim to fame that he enjoys…  the fact that he was one of the builders and the First Commanding Officer of  the school – Top Gun.

Maybe I should write a book about that.