Inside Out

10 – 12 short stories, each of which is contemporary different fiction. Some more ordinary in nature than others. All but one have female protagonists, each with a different set of experiences and ways of working through what they consider their own every day problems. You will like some of them, but maybe not all…

You’re not going to believe my story, but I am going to tell it to you anyway.  I suppose truth is relative.  Anyway, this is my truth:  I have always wanted to be in love, and I have never known how.  Mama always told me to “save myself.”  She said, “if you give your virtue to just anyone, you will never know real love.”  So I saved myself.  For years, I saved myself.  I probably didn’t know how to do that either because no one seemed to challenge my saving, and somehow, that took away the edge of being saved.So here I was, a middle-aged “saved” person, not knowing just what to do with this treasure.